Italy World Cup Champions 2006 – Forza Azzurri!


Italy Highlights road to World Cup in Germany Italy France Final

Music – Toto Cotugno L’italiano

5 year update

Can’t believe we are approaching the 5 year anniversary of Italy’s World Cup Victory in 2006. I want to thank everyone for their kind comments. This was the first video I every made, sorry for the amateurish quality BTW,

As for the comments in this thread, some involve a lot a bickering, others some gloating and some dispute the merits of Toto Cotugno’s song Litaliano (Which he created in 1984 – well before Nasha yeh pyar ka nasha). Regardless I chose this song because the lyrics touched me as a young boy. For me it will always epitomize what it means to be of Italian heritage.

Lastly, there are comments about the scandalous, lucky, unfair nature in which Italy won the 2006 title. I won’t dare try to convince these individuals otherwise, in reality this video wasn’t made for you anyways.

So in closing, the memory of Italy’s 2006 World Cup Victory will be forever be etched into my memory. I hope that this video continues to fill your hearts with pride.

Forza Azzurri!!

Forza Azzuri