How the 2010 World Cup Changed Football Culture

No doubt that in terms of football quality, moments, and entertainment, the 2022 world cup delivered more than anyone could have anticipated.
But while it was – in terms of football – the best world cup I have ever witnessed – I’ll have to admit – it just didn’t have the same feeling.

The atmosphere, the global culture, and the immersion just didn’t hit the same like it did with other world cups. And maybe it’s just me, but while the 2022 world cup was incredibly entertaining, watching almost every match and even following the events outside the pitch from different news outlets, creators, and influencers, it just really felt like an high stakes international footballing tournament more than it truly felt like a world cup.

I mean do you remember brazil 2014? Say what you will about the quality of football during that tournament, but you can’t deny – it truly did feel like a world cup, and I was fully immersed as if I was actually experiencing the scenes of rio de jeneiro with my very eyes. But in my opinion, when it comes to the most memorable and enjoyable true world cup experience, nothing in the past 2 decades hits like the 2010 world cup in south Africa. And if you don’t agree with me on just how incredibly iconic the tournament was – I promise you – just give me 10 minutes, and I’m convinced that I’ll change your mind.

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