Italy vs France Penalty Shootout | 2006 World Cup Final #italia vs #perancis #football #shorts


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Italy vs France Penalty Shootout | 2006 World Cup Final #italia vs #perancis #football #shorts

In the 18th edition of the World Cup, the Italian National Team emerged as champions after beating France on penalties with a score of 5-3. The match continued into a penalty shootout because the two teams were tied at 1-1 in normal time.

The 2006 World Cup final between Italy vs France will also be one of the historic matches in this four-yearly tournament. Because there was an interesting moment during the final, where the mainstay of the French national team at that time, Zinedine Zidane, headbutted the Italian player, Marco Materazzi.

As a result of this incident, Zidane was given a red card in the 110th minute. Without Zidane, Italy won their fourth title in the World Cup.

This made Italy successful in becoming the second team to win four World Cup trophies. The first national team to collect four trophies was Brazil and now the Samba Team is recorded as having collected five World Cup titles.
The course of the 2006 World Cup

The 2006 World Cup was attended by 32 teams. Italy qualified from the group phase after winning Group E which contained Ghana, the Czech Republic and the United States. Then in the last 16, Italy met a relatively easy opponent, namely Australia.

However, Australia was unexpectedly able to put up resistance so that Italy was only able to win 1-0. Continuing to the quarter-finals, Italy again faced a team that was not too strong, namely Ukraine.
Then, Italy met France, which at first could be said to be the underdog. France just qualified from the group phase with runner-up status.

In the 2006 World Cup final, France stole the first goal in the seventh minute through Zidane. However, Materazzi responded with a goal in the 19th minute. The 1-1 score lasted until the match was over.
The extra half was played, the Zidane vs Materazzi incident occurred in the 110th minute. Losing Zidane meant that France lacked a great player in terms of executing penalties.

One French player who failed to score a goal was David Trezeguez.