1986 FIFA World Cup Qualification – Poland v. Greece


Górnik Zabrze Stadium, Zabrze
Att: 15,000
Referee: Sven Thime (Norway)


Poland: Kazimierski, Kubicki, Zmuda, Ostrowski, Wojcincki, Wiyia, Buncol (46′ Karas), Palasz (83′ Matysik), Boniek, Dziekanowski, Smolarek.

Greece: Sarganis, Xanthopoulos, Karoulias, Mitsimbonas, Michos, (87′ Dintsikos), Vamvakoulas (75′ Ardizoglou), Semertzidis, Chatzopoulos, Anastopoulos (C), Mitropoulos, Kofidis.

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