2002 FIFA World Cup (PS1) – With Brazil |Longplay – Walkthrough – Gameplay| No Commentary


Welcome to my – Longplay – Playthrough – Gameplay – video of 2002 FIFA World Cup on Playstation 1 with no commentary. The single player campaign – tournament with the Brazil.

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The 2002 FIFA World Cup is a sports video game. Developed by EA Canada together with Creations and published by EA Sports in 2002. This is the official soccer World Cup 2002 video game, featuring all the playing nations – teams, even the ones that did not qualify to the actual tournament. For this longplay I played with the Brazilian team, who were the winners of the real championship as well.

NoirStation Rating: – 3 Out Of 5 – First of all – I’m not a big sports themed video game fan. For me this game felt really difficult, it was hard to score goals and sometimes the AI felt a bit unfair. But I enjoyed this game more than I thought I would. If you can get past the difficulty curve, I think you’ll find yourself a fun – simple football game, that’s worth checking out.

Video Chapters:
Intro & First Game (Turkey) – 00:00:00
Second Game (China) – 00:13:00
Third Game (Costa Rica) – 00:22:50
Round Of Sixteenth (Belgium) – 00:33:00
Quarter-Finals (England) – 00:43:00
Semi-Finals (Argentina) – 01:06:18
Finals (Mexico) – 01:16:38

This video is recorded, played in my style, and edited by me. Longplay is made as fluid as possible without any deaths, unnecessary menus, loading screens, stumbling around or other non-essential things to a walkthrough. So that the video can be used as an easy to follow guide for educational, preservational or entertainment purposes. Review and description is written by me as well. All gaming videos on my channel are my original content which I create myself.